Make Money Off Of The Debt Of Others

Published: 08th February 2007
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Money Off Of Debt

A new business opportunity to get involved and become a private investor with out having to have thousands of dollars to get started.

The concept of buying and selling charged off receivables dates back decades. Until recently it has been so much in the shadow of conventional contingency placement system as to be virtually invisable. Ask yourself, have you ever heard of this business? So now suddenly there is an open market for bad debt,complete with a variety of sellers,several tiers of buyers and even a layer of brokers and middleman.

The selling of debt is measured in paper with a face value of tens of billions of dollars, on a yearly basis. Most of it sells at huge discounts , typically pennies on the dollar.

It is reshaping the face of the credit and collections industry. As the debt buying and selling growth rate of the past few years accelerates, the trend continues to develope into a force in which the majority of debt is sold as opposed to being outsourced to collection agencies.

The concept of the market is simplistic itself. When credit grantors no longer want to own thier charged off debt, they sell the rights to the debt to another party (you)

which will then hire it out for collection to an agency. The age of the paper ranges from early developement of delinquency to being several years delinquent, which is all good in thier own class. Credit card issuers have been the leaders in the bad debt market.

Even more diverse are the buyers of the charged off accounts. Some are the traditional collection agencies, trying to diversify thier operations by adding some debt they own to thier contingency work for clients. Some are collection attorneys. And then there is you, the private investor which will be brought into this industry through a special business opportunity. Over a quarter of the buyers are private investors with no expirience in collections. Most of the investors negotiate with collection agencies to actually work and collect the accounts purchased. This is most profitable for both parties, since the investor lacks the experince in collections, while the agency possesses the resources needed to recover the account recievables.

Become a private investor, find debt for pennies on the dollar, negotiate and hire a collection agency, all while having others do 97% of the work for you.

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